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Summer 2011: Chapter 4–Our May/June Digs and $300 Shoes

I grabbed some pictures of our current digs last night.
This is my parents tent (and their yard, naturally).  It’s a behemoth (both yard and tent).

The rolled up portion is a screened-in porch; it’s been windy here so we’re trying to protect the tent.

We have our actual mattress and box spring in here.  It’s ultra-tenting.  Ultra, I tell you.
From my parents backyard.
Sunsets at my ‘rents house are beautiful almost every night, as they live just east of Lake Michigan.

Jared and I just got back from a coffee shop where we registered for classes.  On the way home, I convinced Jared that it was essential that we stop at a thrift store.

I found this drawer for a Quarter.  I liked it so much it sat on my lap and I practically petted it the whole way home.

Jared looked over at me and said, “I’m so glad that an old drawer for a Quarter makes you happy, and not $300 pairs of shoes.”

I’m really glad too.  I’m not really a shoe girl.

Unless, of course, we’re talking about hiking boots.


4 thoughts on “Summer 2011: Chapter 4–Our May/June Digs and $300 Shoes

  1. This post is exactly why I like you so much. Other reasons too, but between the drawer and the beautiful pictures you take and the fact that you don't care about shoes. I like all that. 🙂


  2. hi. this is Mindy. girl, i havent read your blog before right this moment and am so glad i stopped by. girl, you have been on my mind a LOT lately and i have been so overwhelmed with thankfulness for you and the time we have spent together. fo real. and am just loving how i can imagine you saying every word of this blog. remember when we made a funfetti cake and you and your parents had me over for the weekend? and you wrote me letters faithfully at selah house? and we studied for biology and it is because of you that i passed? and you went with me to get my tattoo? i remember these things. and am thankful.


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