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The Neighbors

I’ve always wondered if roosters crow at dawn the way that I’ve always heard.

Now that I’m neighbors with these fellas, I know the answer.

The answer, in case you were wondering, is yes.  Not only do roosters crow at dawn, they crow before dawn, during dawn, after dawn, and any time that they are caged up wanting instead to be free on my parents lawn.  Or anytime they think you might feed them.
Yesterday, when it was time for chickens to go back in their pen for the night, one of the hens was missing.  I found her far from the cage on the other side of my parents yard (which is rather large–pics to come when it stops raining).  But, this little hen refused to go back in the cage.  Please, picture me talking to and waving my arms chasing a chicken across my parents yard.  I used all my cattle herding skills to get her into the cage–but in the end, she doubled back past me and I resorted to picking her up.  I showed that chicken.  You can just call me the chicken herder.
The roosters are mean, so one of them will be featured on this weeks menu (he doesn’t know yet, but the mashed potatoes do, and they’re excited).

This week, Jared and I have worked on a lot of projects including stripping the finish off the our dining room table, rototilling my mom’s garden, and thrifting (for more projects, naturally).

I’m super excited to hang out with friends this next week!  If you want to hang out, let me know!
Fifth RC–we’re headed your way Sunday!

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