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Summer 2011, Chapter 2: Michigan

We’ve settled in at my parents for the next few weeks.  And by “settled in” I mean that some of our belongings are in boxes in my parent’s basement (next to the belongings that we hadn’t taken with us to Mass), some are in boxes in the guest bedroom, some belongings are in the garage, and we sleep in a gigantic tent in the backyard.
That’s right.  We’re staying in a tent.  And it’s awesome–awesome, because it’s my parents tent, not our backpacking tent.  Their tent is gigantisourous, including a screened in front porch.  We have our box spring and mattress right in the tent; again… awesome.
I’ve got pictures of our neighbors (boisterous chickens) and the resident of my parents yard (flowers) and some of the other ole stuff we’ve been up to.  {CLARIFICATION: chicken pictures are yet to come, have no fear.  As well as our posh digs}
But what dominated our weekend was a celebration of my oldest sister, Ruth.
After three years of study, she graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary with a Masters in Divinity (in non-seminary speak, she studied to be a pastor).
It was a lovely day, with lots of hugging.

And hugging…

And hugging…

… and happy faces all around… (sorry Aunt Lyn, I just think this photo is so great in it’s candid excitement).

Followed by a celebration in the park with our extended family.

These are my second cousins, decorating cupcakes.

Look at that happy, celebrating family…

And us…
Happy Graduation, Ruth!

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