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Summer 2011, Chapter 1: Road Trip

We made it!

From Massachusetts to Michigan, we had a great drive.  

And I took really random, random, blurry, and random pictures to document our two day venture.

Look!  We must be headed West, there are Starbucks instead
of the el-grosso Dunkin Donuts.
I cannot express how happy we were to drink these cups of coffee.
Welcome to New York.
Bridge.  And my socks, of course.
I love high quality socks the way most women love shoes.
It’s an important fact to know about me.
We camped in Pennsylvania.  It was great after being in the truck all day.
Our UHAUL.   It’s seen some miles, but it was great.
A little chive and spinach linguine for supper.
Well, Good Morning, Mr. McDaniel.  This is right before it started raining.
Mmmmmm… pancakes.  This is right before it started raining.  It rained hard while we were eating.  Bummer, dude.  But, that pan has a lid, and our pancakes were not ruined.
Hello, Ohio.
Oh, Ohio!!!  Will you last forever????  

Don’t feel too bad for this face.   I just finished a bowl of ice cream with my momma’s hot fudge.  Ohio did not last forever.


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