What I Despise the Most…

There is one item that I have always hated moving.

When you’re not moving them, they’re a great item.  When they’re brand-new, still in their packaging snuggled closely together in shiny newness, they would be fine to move.  Just fine.  But we’re moving used, well loved hangers.
Hangers.  I despise moving them.  Once one of snags on another, they’re a mess.
I don’t even consider this pile that bad.

The other crummy thing about hangers is that once they are all neatly nested together, they take up a bunch of space.

Space hogs.  I can fit a lot of stuff in a tote, but there really is not a way to work around these guys.  They’re totally lame.  Like, totally.

Today, Jared and I made one last stop at Trader Joe’s and picked up the UHaul.  We worshipped at The Harbor one last time (someday, when I can collect all my thoughts about it, I’ll tell you about the wonderful people that we’ve met there, and the incredible things God taught us while we worshipped there).

We put hangers in totes all afternoon.  Just kidding.  The hangers only took me an hour to get that pretty.  Just kidding, again.  Or, am I?

Yesterday, we did this:

That’s Lenny/Lester, waiting to go to a new home at a thrift store in downtown Salem.  My G-pa suggested we donate him out here, and we’re happy to oblige since my G-pops was the one that hooked me up with Lenny/Lester several years ago.  The proceeds from the store benefit the homeless of Salem. I hope he rakes in some big bucks for them!

The trailer was a lot easier to pack with out Lenny/Lester.

It gave me more room for the hangers.  But that doesn’t make me despise moving them any less.


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