We’ll be driving 3,121 miles this summer.


And, while on Monday I said I started packing, the reality is that it does not take a whole week to pack.  It takes, like, two or three days.

So… while I’m slowly chipping away at packing, I’m also making sure that I use my Sharpie’s for any excuse I can come up with.

Like labeling boxes.

Oh, hello, closet full of empty boxes.

Prepare to be filled.  Your sabbatical is over.  So is mine.

I love Pyrex.  Partially, because of the quality.  Partially because they’re reliable.  But mostly, because, look!  They nest!
Nesting=taking up less space in a box.
Taking up less space in a box=genius.

Anyway, back to Sharpie’s.

I love them.  I love them mucho.  Last summer during camp, my mother-in-law sent me a fresh package of Sharpies.  It was music to my soul.  A long distance hug.  I got very excited when I opened the package.  But the boys at the lunch table were kind of a buzz-kill: boys that play with cows do not get as excited about Sharpie’s as every human being should.  Lame.

Sharpie’s do all sorts of good things.  Like help create colorful mix tapes.

Mix tapes, that aren’t really mix tapes at all.  But, hey it sounds much cooler to call them mix tapes than “mix cds”.

I love ’em.  I love ’em Sharpie’s.

Sharpie’s and Mix Tapes.
Married together in road trip perfection.  The Expedition and I do not have a way to plug my iPod into the truck so that’s not really a musical option.  But we do have a cd player.  And after 3,121 miles I think we’ll be glad we have some psychedelic discs of our favorite tunes.

Mmmmmmmm… pretty….

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