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One year.
Jared and I have been married for one year.
It’s a crazy time warp.  We struggle to put our finger on it–it feels like we’ve been married two months and it feels like we’ve been married two hundred months.  (Perhaps that’s what happens to time when you move every four months:).
It’s been a really swell year.
Saturday and Sunday, Jared took me a house in New Hampshire.  It was lovely.
I am humored by keeping track of the places we’ve played speed scrabble.  Please notice that really impressive three letter word set-up on that board.  Jared beat me with that board.
A lake, mountains, and a fireplace.  Our favorite things.
{Look down the hallway on the left–they have a giant map glued to the wall.  It was super cool–and whoever did it knew what they were doing–there weren’t any bubbles.}
Off the back porch.
Breakfast view.  
The neighbors had a bird feeder in their yard that the mallards took advantage of.  Then this fellow came to say hello.  I offered Jared a duck narration.  Duck narration–it’s one of the many skills I bring to our marriage.
I named this fellow Bill because that seemed ironic.  Bill was not the favorite neighborhood duck.  His buddy ditched him for a girl, then chased him from the bird feeder.  Another group of drakes chased him away too.
Poor Bill.

We did a lot of reflecting and are filled with gratefulness for each other.  But, whenever we reflect on our story, we are filled with thankfulness–for you, too.   Our anniversary will always be snuggled up to Mother’s Day which reminds us of the wonderful families we grew up in.  Our parents.  Our siblings.  Our grandparents.  Our cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Friends that feel like family.

Hug someone close to you today, okay?

I’m saving a special hug for my mom, who I get to see one week from today.

And, I’m still cracking up that we chose to high five after we signed our marriage license.

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