It’s Time.

To pack.

Books, dishes, pictures, blankets, clothes… back into boxes.

Next Monday, the 16th we’ll leave Wenham bright and early.  We’ll camp about halfway on Monday night, and arrive at my parents on Tuesday.

Remember when I was writing about a non-plan plan?  It’s shaped into a plan.  Which I have created into a map.  
I’m all about visual aids.

1. May 18-June 26 in West Michigan.  Causing shenanigans.  And ruckus.  And general disorder.  And creating baked goods, because I’m taking over my mother’s kitchen.
2.  We’re going to make a quick run to Carbondale, IL June 27-29.  We’ll drop off our stuff in storage and look for an apartment for the fall.  
3.  Papa and Grandma Goose’s Anniversary Party!  June 29 and 30, we’ll be in Nebraska creating more hubabaloo with the Stahla clan.  It’s going to be grand.
4.  We’re going to follow Jared’s family around in July (When I say that, I picture myself following Mama McDaniel around the house like a little puppy.  But I don’t think it’ll be quite as literal as my imagination).
5.  While 5 has claimed a spot on the map, we don’t know where it is yet.  We do know we’ll be doing some backpacking somewhere at some point in Colorado.  
6. is 4.  Make sense?  We’re probably sandwiching the backpacking in with visiting the McDaniel fam.  So we’ll visit them, leave, then come back.  We’re like a yo-yo.  Or a boomerang.  Our a lack-of-coffee headache.  Or sunshine in Michigan.
But look!  Did you notice how I said “probably”?  That means that July’s plans are still really flexible.  Flexibility+Mary=growth.  Growth=huzzah!

In August, we’ll reclaim our belongings in Carbondale.  We’ll live in one place.   For more than four months.  And that place will have a kitchen.  Until then, please contact me at my momma’s kitchen, where I will be releasing some pent-up baking energy with an oven that doesn’t set off the smoke detector.  The flour will fly.  The apron will be dirtied.  And, I expect to see you.  

One thought on “It’s Time.

  1. When I was a kid, I used to have a duck named Bill! He swam with us in our pool. And pooped on us as we played with him before school (along with his baby pheasant chick friends). I don't know how many times I had to change my shirt before school because of fowl poop.


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