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Deborah’s Visit & Strip Club Avoidance

Sunday night I drove the Expedition in and out of Boston without mishap.  I’m very pleased about my driving skills.

On the way home I missed my exit.  I couldn’t figure out how to get turned around because of the psychotic divided highway. I stopped at a gas station but the man was speaking another language on a cell phone and wouldn’t acknowledge me.  I was the only one in there.  His lack of acknowledgment made me angry, so I left.

My next ask-for-directions option was some sort of “lounge”.  But the more I looked at it, the more it seemed like it might be a less than desirable establishment.  In fact, I suspect it was a strip club.  So, I struck out on my own.

You see, Jared and I were both in New Hampshire this weekend.  But we didn’t go together.  Friday morning, we picked Deborah up from Boston and spent the day at a state park.  Saturday Jared went on a camping trip with one of his classes, and Deborah and I went on a camping trip of our own.  Thus, Sunday night I drove Deborah back to Boston so she could catch her bus back to the big city.

Here are some pictures from our adventures.  And by “some” I mean, here are many pictures from our adventures.  If you weren’t able to get outside this weekend, soak it in.  Enjoy God’s creating skills.

I’m Deborah’s personal paparazzi.
This photo was taken right after Jared had waxed eloquently about how old people are like birds: “they take a couple big trips a year, but otherwise they like to stay put and take lots of little trips”.  He was comparing them to a nesting Canadian Goose we could see.  He was quite smug about his analogy.  (Isn’t that how most people travel, regardless of age?  Shhh… we won’t tell him.)  
New Hampshire.  
Dad, we saw three turkeys fly across the river here.  We thought of you.  This is the view from our campsite.
Dear Mountain Hardwear, if you would decide to sponsor our lives, we would be down for that.  Dear Mom and Dad, thanks for the tent.  It’s great!
“The Basin”.  Apparently, it’s kind of a big deal.
We had a great weekend!

Eventually, I made it back to our abode from Boston.  No strip clubs required.


2 thoughts on “Deborah’s Visit & Strip Club Avoidance

  1. As the object of your paparazzi photograph taking, I appreciate that discretion was used in what photos were posted… 😉 Super fabulous weekend–your gorgeous pics don't even do it justice…


  2. That looks like so much fun, and I love the pictures. It looks a little more exciting than my recent Manistee River hike, but any hike is better than none.


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