Backpacking & Outside / {Recipes & Eats}


{Our weekend in pictures}
I inadvertently made more cinnamon rolls than I bargained for.  I’m going to make Deborah eat them all this weekend when she comes to visit.  She thinks she’s coming to spend time with us, spend time outside, and relax.  She’s really coming to eat four cinnamon rolls an hour.
First nap of the year, outside!  It rained, but it was still 70, so I shall not complain.
I am a soon-to-be-catepillar, resting in my cocoon.
Jared, the mocker of man-pries, sported the look Sunday of his own volition.    

I wanted to take a picture of my chacos, and when Jared saw where the camera was aiming, he fell to the ground to get in the picture.  Which leaves me… speechless?  When he’s goofy, he’s very goofy.
I dropped an earring down the sink and Jared retrieved it for me.
So, while I was waiting for Jared to fish out my earring, I took a picture of the shower curtain for you.
Why is the turtle fishing?
We put Lenny/Lester up on Craigs List.  Hopefully he sells in the next three weeks, because that’s how much longer we have in Mass!

I hope your celebration of  the resurrection was blessed!

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