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Swamp Lettuce & Blue Cheese Dressing

Last night I was laying in bed writing a blogpost in my head.

I suspect this is not unusual behavior for those that write a blog with some regularity.  It’s like the people that walk around composing facebook statuses in their head.

I remember that I was going to show you some pictures that were completely unrelated from each other, and that I had smooth transitions (often a rough spot in my writing) and I had a neatly crafted point.

Today, I do not recall.

But I will share some pictures with you that are related.

Remember these guys?  From this post?

You’ll recall that I saw them on a walk in the woods.  And they intrigued me.
My mom had a suggestion for what they might be.
I remember it had “skunk” in the name.
For the record, they do not smell.

I looked for them again about a week ago.  And this is what they look like now.

Their leafyness reminds me of Romaine lettuce.  Swamp lettuce, perhaps?  Swamp salad, anyone?

We’ve gotten a lot of rain in the last week, so I’m curious to see what they’ll look like on a sunny day after all this rain.  When we get a sunny day, I’ll go look for them again and keep you posted.  Do you think they’ll develop flowers?  Or will they serve themselves up in a salad bowl?  How do they feel about blue cheese dressing?  I don’t like blue cheese dressing.  Gross.  Jared does.  Gross.
Anyway, are these really flowers?  Or are they just plants?  And why, before they develop leaves, do they have such a tough looking bud/casing?  And why was it dark burgundy? Will they grow to be swamp spreaders and take over everything in sight?

Who knows? (This is not a rhetorical question, if you know the answer, or know someone that does, find out.  Then tell me).  I am curious.

Also, how do you feel about blue cheese dressing?

Oh man, this is how my brain is operating today, and I’m only on my first cup of coffee.
Please send help.


6 thoughts on “Swamp Lettuce & Blue Cheese Dressing

  1. It's skunk cabbage. It's called that because when the leaves are bruised or damaged they smell…funky 🙂 They do have flowers. In your second pic, you can see the spadix, which will develop little yellow flowers…They do seem to take over the swamp; I took a walk in the woods the other day and there were millions of them.As for blue cheese dressing, I've never had it, but I did try blue cheese on my sandwich just a few weeks ago. I am NEVER trying that again :PSara Bronkema


  2. Sara! Thank you! Times a million! And, I think it's perfectly acceptable to be picky about cheese. There are so many different kinds that a little cheese discrimination almost seems necessary. But, nice work trying new things!


  3. I LOVE blue cheese!!! to quote one of my fave movies, "Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese." (not unlike the dutch).Bonus points to whoever can name that movie!Also, i totally understand blog posts in your head. i do the same.also, i am amazed and impressed at the frequency of your blogposting. i aspire to do the same one day…maybe now that i am FINISHED SCHOOL FOR THE YEAR i will work on that.seriously, name that movie.


  4. ha! I was all impressed that I knew what it was, and was going to share such amazing knowledge with you and then someone beat me to the punch…skunk cabbage indeed!


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