About Grad School

Public Service Announcement:  Jared’s phone is no longer.  If you need to contact either of us, please do so with my cell number.  If you need my number, please tell me in the comments, and I will contact you.  
Thank You.  We now return you to your regular programming.I feel like one of the basketball players sitting in front of the media, with three different university baseball hats.  Which will he put on?  Where will he go?  For whom will he play?

Except, I don’t play basketball.  Yes, I’m tall.  But that doesn’t mean I play basketball.  Common misconception.  But, thanks for asking.

It’s like this:

We thought we wanted to go to the University of Utah.

But they haven’t accepted us.  Or rejected us.  They haven’t done anything.  We’ve not heard a squeak out of them.

We thought Carbondale, Illinois was in a corn field, so we didn’t want to go there.

We thought Minnesota State University might be the winner.

Then, each on our own, God seemed to give us disquiet about Utah.  So, Utah’s silence didn’t seem to matter.

It was down to Southern Illinois University or Minnesota State University.

We kept praying.  We asked for clear direction and a sense of peace about grad school decisions.  And, because sometimes I’m sleepy and silly and stubborn and bold while we pray together at night, I started praying that we would both get assistantships.  I mean, why not?  What’s a little sleepy daring prayer going to hurt the situation?

What is an assistantships (besides a word that hogs the letter “a” and “s”), you ask?  Have no fear, I wasn’t super familiar with them before we started this process.  An assistantship is a work opportunity for grad students during their time of study.  They work for the institution, and in compensation they are often given a tuition waiver and living stipend.  The short of it: work for the institution and they’ll pay you to go to school.

We heard from Southern Illinois that they might be able to offer us assistantships in the recreation department, but it depended on their budget.

Jared interviewed for an assistantship with Minnesota with student services for undergrads.  I had applications out to many different departments for assistantship opportunities.

We waited.

In the meantime, we looked at a map.  We were wrong about Illinois and about Minnesota.  If maps can be trusted, Minnesota looked more like a cornfield.  Illinois looked more like a recreation playground.  Huh.

We kept waiting.

Then, boom!  So much happened, so quickly!  Tuesday, Jared was offered the position he interviewed for at Minnesota.  He had to accept/deny by Wednesday.

He emailed our contact at Southern Illinois and asked when they might know if their budget was firm because he might have other prospects.

They emailed back and said, thanks for telling us.

Kind, but not helpful.

We decided Jared should accept the Minnesota position.

I went grocery shopping.  (I’ve decided this a vital part of the story.  It really isn’t.  It just means that neither Jared nor I checked our email for several hours Wednesday afternoon).

I got home from the store.  I checked my email and had an offer for an assistantship for a position in the recreation department from Southern Illinois University (assistantships in your department of study are better than positions outside your department of study).  Suhweeeeeeeeet…

So, naturally, like a good wife, I signed out of my email and checked Jared’s email.  In my defense, I knew that Jared wouldn’t be near his computer for several more hours, but would be near his phone.  He had the same offer!  Oh, and please let us know as soon as you can, the email said.

Jared had already accepted the Minnesota position, but it was still possible for him to resign from it.

So, in the last twelve hours we’ve been praying and talking and praying and talking and talking and praying and praying and talking.

And praying.
And talking.
But really, I have to tell you that it hasn’t been a very hard decision.  An assistantship for both of us?  In our department of study?  Only ten hours of work a week?

Wasn’t this what I’d been praying for in my semi-conscious-night-time-prayer-state?  Wasn’t this a, as Jared put it, “blatant answer to prayer”?  Hasn’t God been teaching us all semester about glorying in a relationship with him and make that the top concern and trusting him with everything else?  Hasn’t he daily been teaching us the joy of his resurrection?  Hasn’t he assured us that he is faithful, he is the shepherd, and we’re his sheep?  Oh… yeah, he totally has.

So, while I’m not a basketball player, if I were a basketball player, and if you were the press, and if I needed to put a baseball cap on (ironic, since I’m a basketball player in this scenario), I would put on a baseball cap for…
No, I don’t know why their logo is a clock tower.
Also, just in case you were wondering where Carbondale is, it’s in the lower depths of Illinois.  Really, Carbondale is the last outpost of Illinois before you hit “the South”.
Or is it in “the South”?  Or is it still the Midwest?  We’re not sure.
I’m sure we’ll find out in August.The writer would like to thank Jesus for life, resurrection (a few days early, don’t get your panties in a wad), and provision.  The writer would also like to thank her sister, Deborah, for proofreading her application materials fivegabizillion times.  

7 thoughts on “About Grad School

  1. Congratulations! God had the plan and what a blessing it is for both of you! We are so excited for you and praising God for His goodness.We are praying for you to finish strong where you are and make the needed transitions in the months ahead. Love you both, Uncle Bill and Aunt Lyn


  2. Thanks guys! We're really excited to! God's been teaching us so much about waiting on Him and glorying in relationship (and especially for me) not getting all worked up in the process.Sarah, Aunt Lyn, and Uncle Bill, we're super excited to spend some time together in May/June! It's gonna be great!


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