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The Couch. It’s decided.

Jared and I have officially decided to ditch Lenny/Lester.


He doesn’t know.  I haven’t told him yet.

This will obviously leave us without a couch.  And because Jared is so exceptionally handy (I refer you to our coffee table, bookshelves, side table, and tiny step that he/Rick made for our wedding so I could get onto the platform without tripping.  That barn did not ready itself for a wedding.  Though, probably no one noticed… they were just thanking Uncle Bill for moving along the ceremony so they could get to a room with insulation and a wood stove.  I have really, really fabulous and hilarious memories of our wedding day.  Ahhhh…. Anyway… Jared’s good at building stuff and doesn’t stifle my enthusiasm).

So, while there might be some negatives of the following plan, here’s what we’re plotting to do.  I’ve been scouring some really great diy blogs like I’m getting paid (wouldn’t it be great to be paid to read blogs?  I mean, there is some good material out there!), here are some ideas we’re excited about.

That’s right!  This is diy goodness!

This couch was made from cushions from a couch (they were sold separately) with homemade frames.  Check it out.

Look at this young man!  He’s so happy to be on his little diy corner/couch/nook thing.
Again, simple inspiration from an outdooor rustic patio cushion.
Mmmmmm… now we’re getting closer.  But, think taller, and with one cushion.

All of these ideas are melding together into something that will be an adaptation of this:

The cushion is a twin size mattress.  The frame is made from pallets.  Check it out here.

Jared and I think this would be handy because it can serve both as a couch and a guest bed (for when you come to visit, of course).  We’re hoping to be able to get a hold of all of those items rather inexpensively.  I’m planning on sewing the pillow cases/covers myself, hijacking my moms sewing machine while we stay with them.  With some large pillows as the base/back (I mean, I’m talking grande sized, or venti, if we’re at Starbucks.  Regardless, picture some ginormo pillows) hopefully we won’t get irritated with rearranging them often because they will sit and stay.

We may tire of this whole thing in five years.  But that’s okay, because by then we’ll probably have moved across the country multiple times and it will have been well worth it.

Now, how do I tell Lenny/Lester?  It’s going to break his heart.  There might be tears. Maybe I’ll make Jared tell him.


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