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It’s time…

… to tell you…


about things like this…

and this…


and this!

That’s right.

The time has come for the great unveiling of my etsy shop:

It’s been online since Friday afternoon!  Huzzah!

I’ve been prepping to get it online for a little over a month now, and so far things are going pretty well.

But now that you know it’s out there, there are a few few things I need to get off my chest, that I think you, my wonderful readers, will understand.  They have very little to do with the business end of running an etsy shop, and everything to do with what goes on inside my head.  Buckle your seatbelts.

Part of putting a piece into your shop involves writing a product description.  This is supposed to give details about the product and provide enough information that “your customers will feel comfortable buying the product”.  Super.

But, every time I go to write a product description I’m tempted to write a (what I consider) witty, spirited description about the product, as if it’s part of my blog.  And the way I write on here is not necessarily conducive to writing a product description.  And it’s stifling my creativity  *sniff sniff*.  Not really, I mean, yeah, it really is, but I’m working through it.  I’m trying to work my witty sense of humor (ha!) in without being obnoxious.  I don’t know if it’s working.

One of the biggest challenges with writing the description is that most of the pieces remind me of some event from the past, or someone I know.  In fact, chances are pretty good that in my head I’ve named one of the pieces after you (I hope that you would take that as an honor and not as a-this-lady-be-crazy).  I have all of these memories and ideas I bring to the piece that have very little to do with what it’s made of, how vibrant the color is, or how long the piece is.

For example, the above necklace, which I just put up in Marksi Designs (shameless plugs, folks.  that’s the theme of this post, afterall) is called the, “Southwestern Sunshine Necklace”.  It harkens me back to the vacation I took in my pre-teens to visit my grandparents in Tucson, Arizona.  They were wintering there, and we got to spend a couple weeks chasing each other around cactus, basking in the sun, reveling in the way grandparents love their grandkids, and barely living through that big pout fest/fight I had with Deborah because she finished her Junior Ranger sheet before I did at that one state park with the cactuses (cacti?).  Why does this particular necklace remind me of these special memories?  I know not.  But I didn’t put all that in the product description…

I just needed to get it off my chest.  Okay, thanks.

Or, we could take this one.  I like to call this necklace, “The Kayla”.  In my mind, there are obvious reasons, like the fact that her favorite color is orange.  And that I have a super cute (no, really, it is cute!:) bridesmaid dress in my closet the color of that blue.  Or, the more subtle reason, like how the different and spunky shaped beads remind me of Kayla’s personality.

Hey, it takes a little time to design and create these things.

And, okay, I do really, really, really like the details of life.

Anyway, I can’t be blabbbbbbbbing onnnnn and onnnnn about these things in the product description.  So, while this is my announcement post about Marski Designs, it’s also the-everything-I’ve-been-wanting-to-say-but-can’t-on-etsy post.


(in my head, this one is named after a person.  but not on etsy!  look, I have so much self-control!  but, apparently no humility!  do they cancel each other out?)
And, just for you, my wonderful blog readers, I have created a special coupon code.  It will be good until May 18, and it will get you 25% off your purchase.  There is absolutely NO pressure to purchase with Marski Designs, but if you were going to anyway, you may as well get a discount!  The code is LOVETHEUGLYMUFFIN, and you enter it during checkout.
Oh, and thanks for reading a particularly deranged post today.  Y’all are the best.

One thought on “It’s time…

  1. is it lame that i teared up a little when i saw you named a necklace after me? it felt a little lame. then i just told myself it's because you're my best friend and you live far away and i miss you a ton. thanks for calling me asymmetrical, too. i think that's a good thing. (=


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