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The Big Blue!

This is what we did today.  Since I’m about to inundate you with pictures, I’ll try to go lightly on the words.  But I make no promises.  Not saying much isn’t exactly my strong suit.

We went here.  We did not see the fish.  Or any fish.  We did see… ducks, snails, lots of parents concerned their children my fall off a cliff, sea gulls, and dogs… but, no fish.  A misnomer, perhaps?
Before you get to the ocean, there is a quarry that’s filled with water.
We sat on that rock to eat lunch. 
“I love lunch.  And warm weather.”
Okay, he actually didn’t say those things.  But I’m sure he was thinking them.  
Self-portrait.  How original is this caption?
Our feet are happy.   And they are very, very, very white.
It hurts my pride that Jared’s legs are as white as mine.
He’s supposed to be the pale one in this relationship.  Oh, pride!  You hurt!
Just in case you were wondering.  It’s all about context.
We were confused and curious about these anchors,
far from the ocean and far from the  quarry.
What are you there for, little anchors?
I know this picture might make you want to steal my husband, but you can’t.
I’ve seduced him with my hiking skills.  And pie.
The big blue!  What’s it like?
Well… it’s big… and… blue.
Quick!  Name that movie reference!
There were people behind Jared laughing at him (because they couldn’t see me).
We found some tide pools.  And snails.  
And… red slime!  Cool, eh?  (No, really.  It’s cool)
Most epic place to play speed scrabble ever?  Yes.
I won.  It’s no big thing.

And… finally.  I’ve captured this video to demonstrate fresh water flowing into the ocean.  If you don’t have to pee, you’ll have to after this.  Sorry.

I hope you got to spend some time outside this afternoon, too!  Or… take a nap.   Both are good.

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