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Cookies, Lumberjacks, and Lost Rings

Remember those cookies that I wanted to put in the crockpot yesterday?

I burned the first four.

Woops.  I brought Jared one while he was still at work and they were still warm.  I think he threw the last half of it away.  I told him he could, but only after I left so that I didn’t know.

I’m very sensitive, you see.  (No, really I am.  I like to pretend I’m not.  But I’m a wimp.)

Anyway.  That’s not what this is about.

I paid attention the next few rounds of cookies.

And it works!  Cookies can be baked in the crockpot.  They only took about 20 minutes, but only 4 fit in at a time.  So I just sat next to the crockpot… for a while.

But look at that face.  It’s worth it.
Bake on, little beauties!
Well, hello. I’m so glad to meet you. 

These cookies are pretty delicious.  I may or not have eaten one for breakfast.  But, it’s okay.  They have oatmeal so it’s kind of like eating a breakfast bar.

This morning, Jared and I went to help Rich on the ropes course.   We were spreading wood chips through some of the ropes course… because… well, I don’t know why.  But it seemed better to spread them out than leave them in giant piles.

This resulted in two things:
1)Me, enjoying the sunshine.
2)If we’re going to find Jared’s wedding ring, we’re going to need a metal detector.

Take a look.

Wood Chips.  Aged wood chips.  That’s why it just looks like dirt.  (Fun fact: Aged wood chips are better for the trees.  And since some of the elements are built into the trees, we’re all about being tree friendly.  Live, trees!  Live, tall and strong!)

Where are you, Mr. Wedding Ring?

Hmmmm…  I was holding out hope, but let’s just say my hope has… waned a bit.

We (meaning Rich and Jared) built some benches for debriefing.  It’s important to have a comfortable debriefing area.  It’s not actually that vital, but let’s pretend it is.  Because that’s what they were building.

I may or may not have been rubbing in my not-helping state at this point.  Especially since the log on top kept falling off.  And I just stood there and took pictures.  I’m a supportive wife.
Meet Rich.  He’s the Director of La Vida.  He’s been doing outdoor recreation ministry for about 30 years.  Today, I told him he looked like a lumberjack.  He was carrying around a chainsaw, wearing that red flannel shirt.  I couldn’t resist.
Also, he’s pretty awesome.  He likes ideas.  He has lots of them.  He’s sort of infamous for his ideas.  Those debriefing benches?  His idea.  He also has lots of those red flannel shirts.
And by lots, I mean three.  He told me.
Behind Jared, you can see a pond and then Gordon’s Campus.  The ropes course is nestled among many hiking trails, popular with dog walkers, runners, and mountain bikers.  And lumberjacks.
Good work, guys!   

In closing, I have two unrelated announcements:

First, we are consolidating to one cell phone.  We just don’t really see a need to have two at this point in our lives.  So we’re going to have one.  We’re keeping my number–let me know if you need it.  And take Jared’s number out of your phone.  Right now.  Or you’ll call him later.  And you won’t get him.  You’ll get one of my sisters, ironically enough.  Do it.  Now.  I’m watching.

Second, some of you are really quick, and picked up on my hint several weeks ago.  I am opening an Etsy shop!  It’s full of items made by my own hands!  It should be open to the public in about a week.  Stay tuned, because I’ll post a coupon code so YOU can get a discount.  Because I’m cool like that.  And so are you.

Now, I’m going to eat a cookie.


4 thoughts on “Cookies, Lumberjacks, and Lost Rings

  1. I'm excited to see your etsy shop! My mom's profile is shadysidefarm. If you have any questions, let me know and I can ask her because she's been doing it for a few years.PS i love some blogs, not all, but yours is one that i like! nice work!


  2. intresting cookie idea! And I am so sorry to hear about the lost ring! One time we thought Noah lost his on a white water rafting trip in costa Rica…and then we found it!


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