Creepers and Flyers

There is a stinkbug flying around the living room.


First, I didn’t know stinkbugs fly.  Really, they fly?  Who knew.

Second, Jared’s not home tonight.  He’s on a “business trip” (read: he’s in New Hampshire with one of the classes he’s facilitating.  They’re hiking and hanging out a posch cabin).

Third: I think I’m a pretty tough lady.  But this creepy bug flying around is making my skin crawl.  And I already had some freaky bug crawl up next to me on the couch today.  And I had to smash him, right here on the couch.  He moved really fast… and I didn’t know what else to do.  That’s why we have slipcover on the couch.  So that it can get washed after I smash bug guts into.  Naturally.  It has nothing to do with the psychedelic color pattern underneath.  It’s bug-gut-proof-couch.  I highly recommend them.

Oh man, the stink bug just dive bombed onto the coffee table.  That’s what you get when you hang out on a florescent light, stinkbug.  If he fell into my coffee can of open Sharpies, someone is going to get hurt.

Do you think he’s dead, or only stunned?

If he’s dead, I can’t follow through on my threat.  I’ll just be miffed.  And rankled.  Grrrr….

I will be tough, I will be tough, I will be tough.

I have Sharpies to defend, afterall.

4 thoughts on “Creepers and Flyers

  1. Steph,I did survive the night. I went and took pictures of him, then I went in a few minutes later to shut off the light and he was gone. He's probably still in there somewhere…Also, I believe this post proves why I should not be allowed to stay up after eleven. I completely lose my wits.Karen,"to rankle" (verb) means: "to cause annoyance or resentment that persists". I heard a really sassy lady say it on tv. And I liked it.


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