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The One That Got Away…

Last Saturday, Jared and I spent the whole day on La Vida’s ropes course.  They were offering a belayer training for some of the peeps around here that need to be certified for the summer.  I tagged along.  It was very cold, and very refreshing to be outside and on a course again.  Often, when a course holds belayer training, you get to both belay AND play in the course.  It’s superb.

This afternoon, we headed back out to the course to do more practice belaying.  Granted, Jared and I have both done enough belaying to be quite comfortable, but each course has there standards.  In this case, they wanted to see each person belay seven times on different elements.  By the end of Saturday, we’d done five.

So we went out back this afternoon.

Sure, no problem.

Little did we know, there is a monster that lives on this ropes course.

You won’t see him in the next few pictures.  But he’s out there.

This is the catwalk.  They have a pretty tall course (Jared estimates that it’s 35-40 feet).
Jacob’s Ladder (when the element is set up, it does actually reach the ground).
Islands in the Sky.  But the Leaf Carpet Monster isn’t in the sky.  He’s lurking.  Prowling.  Waiting.
We only set up three elements tonight.  It was supposed to be uneventful.  Just for a couple hours.  Jared and I got our element set up the fastest, so Jared’s about to play.
He’s so happy.  So pleased with himself.
And who wouldn’t be pleased with him, with a face like that?  I love him.
In fact, on our wedding day, I gave him that there ring as symbol of our love.  Isn’t it nice?  Yes, it’s nice.  
Look at his left hand.  There it is.  Just chillin’.  Just hanging out.  Right where it’s supposed to be.
I’m not always very good about taking my ring off when we do stuff like this.  It really is best to take your ring off, you never know when it might catch on something and inadvertently become a finger-removing-device.  It’s just to best to remove it.  Jared zips his into his coat pocket or sticks it onto his key ring.
Except for tonight.  Because tonight, the Leaf Carpet Monster was on the prowl.
Looking for an unsuspecting victim.
Look at him.  Such an Unsuspecting Victim.  So close to that carpet of leaves.
Just flirting with disaster.
Oh, Leaf Carpet Monster!
So wily!  So dangerous!  Such a silent foe!  Lurker!  Creeper!  Prowler!  Villain!
Tonight, Jared’s Wedding Ring fell victim to the Leaf Carpet Monster.  That Monster wooed it right off Jared’s finger into it’s underbelly of thick leafyness.
His ring didn’t even make it through a year of marriage.  Poor little fella.
Please, have a moment of silence with me for Jared’s Wedding Ring.
I still can’t believe he’s gone.
*sniff sniff*

4 thoughts on “The One That Got Away…

  1. 1) you said "there" instead of "their" in your intro. *disappointed look*2) in the picture where jay-rod is setting up his course, he doesn't have his ring on. maybe look in that spot first?


  2. @ Jeff, we might have a connection to a guy that has one. But his dad called it "a crummy one". So, I don't know…@Kayla1)I blame my grief:)2)The pictures are in chronological order. He did have it on, you just can't tell because that rope is square in the way (we carefully zoomed in on all these pics). We looked for it for a while afterwards tonight. But it was about an hour and half after these pics were taken that he noticed it was gone. I thought it was an April Fools joke. Nope.


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