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Keepin’ It Real

Alright folks.
The time has come.
(What time is that Mary?)
Oh, goodness me, I’m so glad you asked.  And I’ll stop reading old Western’s so that “goodness me” isn’t a part of my vocabulary anymore.  Who am I kidding?  I love those old Westerns.
The time has come for a tour of our casa.  And by casa, I mean three rooms.  But you only get to see two.  Gosh, I’m doing a good job talking up our photo tour.  The third room is a junk room (read: kitchen/gear room/chaos).  The title should explain itself.  I shall not take pictures of disorganization.  I shall not.
But!  Here’s our wee little world.
El Bedroomo (I clearly do not remember the word for bedroom in Spanish.  You’ll have to settle for Spanglish).  See that, folks?  Through the window?  That’s sunshine.  If you live in Michigan, hopefully it’ll find you soon.  For now, you can drink it in if you’d like.  It’s a delightful day out here.
If I’m going to call this “Keepin’ it Real” I just thought I would point out that I did not put my mousse away for you.  Or my jewelry.  Or the laundry.  And I didn’t vacuum.  
On top of my dresser.  I know you’ve been wondering what I keep there.  Clearly, I keep bathroom towels in a great basket (thank you, Kayla) and my immune defense on the dresser.  I’ve been sick a lot in the last few months.  Finally, the last time I was sick Jared went to the store and bought copious amounts of medicine (okay, orange juice, gatorade, drugs, and immune defense.  All I had asked for were popsicles.  It seemed copious since all I wanted were popsicles).  I take my Emergen-C just to humor him now.  
The corner of our living room.
The poor little tree of love had a rough winter.  However, I am happy to report that he’s grown up quite a bit and has some good, healthy growth happening.
On a structural note, each room has two closets, with a countertop in between (so, the countertop is on the left in this picture).  This particular closet door doesn’t open worth anything; when it does open, it’s with a loud “pop”.  I feel like I’m always trying to get it open when Jared’s on the phone (which isn’t super often).  Picture me standing there tugging and prying at it, trying to gently and quietly get it to open.  And instead of quiet ending, it always sounds like gunfire.  Crazy closet door.
Living Room.
If you could see through the wall, you would see the bathroom.  The bathroom has an octopus rug and a cartoon sea creatures shower curtain.  I’m not sure why–they were there when we got here.  The professor that sometimes stays in our building lives just through that door that you can see on the far left.  
Living Room
I really like our bookshelves.  Perhaps that’s why I’ve included this picture.  Otherwise, I don’t know.
One of our six closets is devoted to sleeping bags.  Hello, little fellas.  That’s Chester, the blue one on the far left.  He’s mine.  He’s a very reliable fella.  The other three are Jared’s.
The hallway.  Our bedroom is on the left, the stairwell is on the right. The bathroom is behind (me).  The junk room is down the hall to the right.
We keep our sandals handy.  Call us optimists.
Our bedroom door on the right, living room on the left.
This is the La Vida kitchen in the basement.  I just put some hand pies in the oven.  They smell pretty good.  I also had a lot more filling for them than I needed, so I also have two pans of apple cobbler.
I’ve included this picture and the next for my moms, because I thought they would like them.  They like to see these sorts of things.  Because they care.  They’re great.  
The kitchen is through the wall on the right (past the old school mountain painting).  

Thus concludes our tour for today.

Thanks for tagging along!  I would share the excessive amount of baked goods with you, but the people from the office upstairs get cranky when I make their office smell good and don’t share.  It’s hard on their mental health.


4 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real

  1. Love it! Thanks for (finally) posting pictures! 🙂 Also, I love your coffee table and table by your bed and the slanted book shelf. Jared should start a business making them…for me. 🙂


  2. I can't believe you have 6 closets! and I love the chacos! Optimism is in, i hear. I wore mine a few weeks ago but my toes were quite cold. Soon, little fellas, soon.


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