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A train ride, a double-decker bus ride, a subway train, and a car took Jared and I to see Deborah this weekend.  Suuuuure… we could have driven the Expedition to see Deborah.  But really?  That big truck in the city?  I think not.

We enjoyed a long weekend together (Thank you, President’s Day) including a lovely concert of The Civil Wars, exploring NYC, and eating pancakes.  My pancakes were chocolate chip with chunks of peanut butter in them.  So you understand why it was a great weekend.  We rented movies and played with Deborah’s cat, ‘Rika.
Today, I finally find myself buckling down to do the actual work of writing graduate school applications.  Suuuuure…. I have been talking about writing them for a while, but now I am actually writing them.  And you know, it is not that bad.  It is forcing to me to reflect and remember these last years since high school graduation.  It has been good journey and now that I am forced to reflect I am glad that I have to.
This weekend I promised myself that I would take some killer pictures.  I took some pictures, but none of them were really killer.  I tried to photograph ‘Rika, but she’s kind of… picky and difficult to photograph.  Anyway, I need to work on my city photography.  But here’s a little bit of what I took…
Deborah and Hendrika (Dutch for home-keeper); ‘Rika for short
Jared in NYC
We visited the M&M store.  Why?  Deborah likes the organization.   And I can appreciate that.
Planning the tour and touring the plan…
They are playing.  Though I love that it looks like Deborah is mercilessly poking ‘Rika.
Hope you also had a super weekend–there is another right around the corner!

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