To the Sea!

Jared officially starts his internship on Tuesday.  This should make two things glaringly clear: adventures and slothfulness are necessary in the mean time.
The first major adventure has been simply driving around.  Jared and I had a little “team/marriage building” exercise the first night we were here.  We attempted to drive about twenty five minutes south of where we live to drop of the Uhaul trailer.  It was getting dark.  Many road signs were covered with the snow that landed the day before.
So, we discovered two things.  First, while driving through small New England towns, anyone may turn left whenever they want.  Kiss right-of-way goodbye or you will hit someone.  Second, roads change names multiple times within a mile, but no one pays attention to road names, because very few roads are actually marked.  Instead, route numbers are exceedingly common.  If you’re navigating, you have to abandon names and stick with the numbers.
But we learned these things while were out Tuesday night.  We still had the trailer in tow when we returned, over an hour and a half later.  (If I were debriefing myself, I would remind myself that failure is a natural part of life.  But I don’t like to debrief myself).
Driving (and actually arriving at our desired destination) has been far more successful since then.  It also involves a map.
Sun setting over campus trees

So, amidst hanging pictures on the wall, walking around a snowy campus, and lazing on the couch, Jared and I went to the beach today.  It was also a driving adventure, but we had a map.

Jared ponder the mystery of the sea
During the winter, beaches also serve as dog parks.  We shared the beach with quite a few today.  I took the liberty of narrating all of the dogs thoughts for Jared while they pounced and ran up and down the beach.  If they ever make a sequel to UP, I could easily be cast as a dog.
Obviously, I would be strong dog.

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