We had a wonderful Christmas!  Among other things we were blessed to be able to get a camera.
  Here’s little picture action of the last 48 hours…
Jared and I arrived in Wenham, Massachusetts yesterday!
You can’t see the puffins on the UHAUL trailer, but have no fear, they are on there.
They are by far my favorite trailer feature.
Yesterday, we met some of the La Vida staff and they graciously helped us unload the truck.
Jared and I just went for a walk in the snow.  It’s accumulating fairly well.
“The Quad” (i.e. large field in the middle of campus).
Benches, buried in the snow.
Jared got tired on our walk, so he decided to sit down for a little rest.  He’s so pleased.
Our building!  The top right window is our bedroom, the center window is to the hall, the top left window is office/storage room/guest room (i.e. Deborah’s room when she visits).
Stay tuned (especially if you’re one of the parties requesting pictures of our living situation) for more pictures.  They might even include snow angels if we get ambitious.

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