I don’t quit well

Saturday night at work, my manager started asking me about my class schedule for next semester.  We were standing by a display of shoes that I stand next to as I greet those that walk through the door.

This question threw me off for two reasons.
First, I had told my manager that I was graduating multiple times.  I thought I had made it clear that I was graduating in December.  He’s infamous for forgetting things, so he must have forgotten me telling him, “I’m done with my undergraduate career next week!”  I find this rather humorous now.
Secondly, I have been working up the most gracious but straight forward way to hand in my two weeks notice.  I’ve been thinking about it for about a month now, but still hadn’t quite decided how I was going to get it to all come out of my mouth in a way that didn’t make him feel like I was the most thrilled person on earth to be completing my employment and moving across the country.  Yes, my little speech still needed some work.
So, back to us standing by the shoes.  “So Mary, we should talk about your class schedule after the first of the year.”  I respond, “(insert manager name) but I’m graduating, remember?  I don’t have a class schedule anymore.”  Pause, his face puzzled, trying to recollect this information.  “Oh, so you’re looking for full time work after the first of the year?”  And then my speech just fell by the way side, “Um, no.  We need to talk about that.  I’m moving.”  What a great speech.
I wasn’t really planning on quitting next to the shoe display, but that’s kind of how it played out.  Don’t get me wrong, he was incredibly gracious about it, and is even excited that we’re moving to go do what we’re going to do (hey, this blog is the break from my final final studying… I’m not going to let English grammar rule me too tightly here).
We finished our conversation in the office, but all in all I found the interaction both relieving (no more stifling my excitement about moving while at work) and amusing.  I’m not very good at quitting, but I’m not really worried about it.
Jared and I are in the process of writing the final words in the chapter of Michigan undergraduate work (Moms, we are not actually writing a book.  I know you would both like that, but that’s not a reality right now:) and many things are drawing to a close.  Tuesday I will walk out of Kuyper College and not return for likely a very long time.  There will be no bells, tassels, long speeches, flowing gowns, or likely even acknowledgement from many in the building, but I will be done.  I’m trying to come to grips with drawing closure to some areas and allowing the growth of moving to relationships.
If you feel like you want more time for us to “allow growth of moving to relationships” after Tuesday I can be found standing next to the shoe display until we leave.

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