Many things in the oven!

Since my last post, many exciting things have happened!

One of the small things that I am excited about is that I will only be working twenty or so hours a week instead of thirty plus for the remainder of the semester.  This is my final week with mucho hours and today I expect things to start winding down.

But the other exciting news….

Jared officially has an internship!  He will be working with La Vida Center for Outdoor Education and Leadership associated with Gordon College.  Gordon is located about thirty minutes North of Boston Massachusetts.  That’s right, when we said we would go anywhere, we meant anywhere.  Even East.  Jared will be starting January 18 and will be working through the middle of May to meet his internship requirements.  Right now, it looks like we be living on the campus of Gordon College in an old dorm building no longer used by students, but sometimes used to house faculty.  Jared will be helping La Vida do several things, including getting revved up for their summer staff training for the camp/expeditions program they run during the summer in the Adirondacks, help teach an introductory class to Gordon students about experiential education and wilderness ministry, help the coordinator of their high ropes course serve local middle schools, and help prep for the wilderness submersion semester La Vida will be offering Gordon students next fall.  Basically, they do a lot the things we care about and seem to have a similar heart to ministry.

We are pretty silly excited, excited to partner with La Vida and learn from their experience, excited to build relationships with Gordon students, excited to live in a different part of the country, and excited to move closer to the mountains!

In the meantime, we are trying to finish this semester strong though at the beginning of November we feel like there is not a lot of semester left while their are still many things to be done.

Okay friends, it’s time to eat pie (it’s actually not in the oven, but it’s keeping nicely in the fridge)!  There is some left over cranberry apple pie from pre-Thanksgiving-Thanksgiving-meal with my immediate family this weekend.  Deborah was in town, and since most of the leaves are off the trees and she’s not coming home for Thanksgiving, obviously a preliminary feast was appropriate.  There is some left over “crapple” (nicknamed this much to the chagrin of Ruth and my G-pa, but much to the amusement of Dad, Deborah, and myself) and it’s time to finish it off!

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