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My Scones Fell

I just pulled scones out my oven.

I rarely fail in the kitchen, but these scones could be added to that list.  They flattened out like cookies instead of puffing up like biscuits.  So disappointing.  I will just have to try again, but in an incredibly busy week I am discouraged by such a minor event.

This week is somewhat chaotic with mid-terms, too many hours at work, and Deborah coming to visit over the weekend.  Jared has a second interview tomorrow for an internship opportunity.  I’m (obviously) praying it goes well, and that we can find out by the end of the week.  We’d appreciate your prayers on the matter as well.

I’m reading a book for a class right now called Visioneering by Andey Stanley.  He has referenced the desert period that Moses, Jesus, and Paul experienced before they entered the leadership vision God had given them respectively.  I have two months of undergraduate course work to complete before receiving a degree, and I keep thinking about the desert experience and getting schooled by God.


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