Assembling the ingredients…

This is my attempt to not let Jared and I sink into poor communication, a classic trademark for both of us.  Though we haven’t moved yet, our hearts are mulling on upcoming events in our lives, which mainly involve completing school and moving.

Moving?  Yes.  To where, we’ll not yet officially say, though there are some leads (yes, I am going to be that mean and not come out and declare them).
As to the title of this blog…
I find baking a very therapeutic experience, and I appreciate quality food that comes in small, hand-size packages.  I love muffins.  But more often than not mine come out lumpy and some deformed.  About a year ago one of my roommates told me I should open a bakery and call it the Ugly Muffin Bakery.  I am not opening a bakery, but it is going to work for a blog url.  Maybe someday we’ll get to that bakery…

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